Backlight Light

- May 25, 2017 -

Backlight is a light source located behind the liquid crystal display (LCD), its luminous effect will directly affect the LCD module (LCM) visual effect. The liquid crystal display itself does not emit light, and it displays graphics or characters as a result of its modulation of light.

Backlight Light Type

Backlight light types are divided into: CCFL and led two types

Application fields

Because the structure of the electrode cannot be miniaturized, the cathode tube is not suitable for the fine fluorescent tube. Therefore, the cathode tube is mainly applied to high power fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent tubes for general lighting are almost always this. On the other hand, because of its fine-grained properties, the cold cathode tube is mainly used for liquid crystal back illumination (backlight). In addition, recently you can see color cold cathode tubes used in automobiles and other decorations, by everyone's attention. If you see a blue or purple ornament in a car passing by, it is a cold cathode. In addition, compared with hot cathode tube, cold cathode tube has long service life, small size, low power characteristics, these characteristics are used for constant lamps, etc., the use of more and more widely.