Contrast degree

- May 25, 2017 -

LCD panel When the selection of the control IC, filter and directional film accessories, and the contrast of the panel, for the general user, the contrast can reach 350:1 is enough, but in the professional field such a contrast level can not meet the needs of users. Relative to CRT display easily 500:1 or even higher contrast. Only high-grade liquid crystal display to achieve such a degree, because the contrast is very difficult to accurately measure the instrument, so pick the time or oneself to see the line.

Small ant tip: Contrast is very important, can be said to choose a liquid crystal than the highlights of the more important indicators, when you understand that your customers buy liquid crystal is used to entertain DVDs, you can emphasize that contrast is more important than no bad point, we are looking at streaming media, the general source of light is not very bright, but to see the character scene of the contrast, hair gray to black texture changes, it is necessary to rely on the level of contrast to show. ViewSonic's VG and VX have been emphasizing the contrast index, Vgne0s is 1000:1 contrast, we then took this and Samsung's a use dual-head video card contrast test, Samsung liquid Crystal is obviously more than, we are interested to try. Test software in the 256-level grayscale test in the head-up can see clearly more small gray is good contrast!