Development analysis

- May 25, 2017 -

With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standard, LCD TV, as a important household appliances, plays a more and more important role in national economic production and people's social life. In the new century, China's LCD TV industry has accelerated development trend, has made gratifying achievements.

China's LCD TV industry in the development of the same time, some problems are increasingly revealed. In particular, LCD TV industry standards are not sound, high cost of manufacturing, price war, the more fierce, competitive enterprises and many other causes of low profits, and seriously restricted the further development of the industry and improve the quality.

Therefore, China's LCD TV enterprises must seize the new development situation, increase scientific and technological innovation, improve the technical content, strengthen their own research and development capabilities, to create effective promotional strategies, the LCD TV industry's national standards for unified planning, only in this way in the new situation in an invincible position.

Under the support of the government, Beijing Oriental Group's 4.5-generation line, 5 generation line, 6 generation line, 8.5 generation line has all achieved mass production, the next generation of display technology AMOLED has been laid out, Ordos's AMOLED5.5 generation line will be produced in 2014. This has forced the Japanese-South Korean monopoly industry to make price concessions in China.