LCD backlight

- May 25, 2017 -

The use of LED for LCD TV backlight, the main purpose is to enhance quality, especially color saturation, LED backlight technology display can be wide enough color gamut, to make up for the lack of color of LCD display devices, so that it can reach even more than Adobe RGB and NTSC color standard requirements, can reach NTSC v more than 100%, which Sony introduced the use of LED backlight LCD TV panel, with special emphasis on red and dark green performance, Can display more realistic colors than before. At the same time because of the LED's planar light source characteristics, so that led backlight can also achieve CCFL can not ratio of the region's color and chroma adjustment function, in order to achieve more accurate color reduction, to meet the needs of graphic publishing and graphic design work, the dynamic adjustment of the screen can make the display of different images, brightness and contrast can be dynamically modified to achieve better quality.

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