Purchase Guide

- May 25, 2017 -

China Consumer Association experts pointed out that the purchase of flat-screen TV must be from the display, the core components, operating methods and other important indicators for the comprehensive consideration, to choose a cost-effective TV.

For LCD TV, LCD panel is the most critical component, accounting for more than 2/3 of the total cost of the machine, the consumer should be given enough attention, manufacturers on the hard screen and soft screen each has its word, so that consumers to create a differential confusion. It has been pointed out that the difference between the hard screen and the soft screen is just whether the LCD screen is added with a high hardness outside the screen, the hard screen in the case of expansion and contraction will affect the quality of the performance, light transmittance, but also affect the color effect of the screen. Soft screen is delicate, easy to scratch, and so on. These statements are not scientifically inaccurate. To choose a good LCD TV, a good LCD panel, first of all to understand the scientific principle of LCD panel, related parameters and mainstream technology.

Buying hard screens is more secure

From the screen size, only LG production IPs hard screen is 42 inch, the other panel vendor's panel is generally an earlier production line 40-inch screen, but also need further improvement.

In terms of the stability of the image display, hard screen performance is better, S-ips hard screen by normal extrusion or touch, its screen display will not be affected, because its surface in front of the display to increase the thermal conductivity of the protective layer, not only improve the display of light transmission performance, thermal performance, but also to ensure the stability of the quality display.

screen visual angle, hard screen slightly advantage. Although the visible angle of the mainstream LCD panel in the market reaches 170 degrees, but the experiment shows: LG developed S-ips hard screen up and down/around can reach 178 degrees of ultra wide angle of view, any angle to watch, can reproduce the wonderful picture, further solved the relatively small angle range, side view when the screen slightly distorted phenomenon.

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