Signal response Time

- May 25, 2017 -

The response time refers to the reaction speed of the liquid crystal display to the input signal, that is, the reaction time when the liquid crystal is Damin or dimmed by the light, usually in milliseconds (ms). To make this clear, we have to talk about the perception of dynamic images from human eyes. Human eyes exist "visual residue" phenomenon, high-speed movement of the picture in the human brain will form a brief impression. cartoons, movies, etc. until now the latest game is the application of the principle of visual residue, so that a series of gradual images in the eyes of the rapid continuous display, it will form a dynamic image. People can accept the picture display speed is generally 24 per second, this is the movie 24 frames per second of the origin of playback speed, if the display speed below this standard, people will obviously feel the picture of the pause and discomfort. According to this metric, the time required for each picture to be displayed is less than 40ms. In this way, for liquid crystal display, response time 40ms became a hurdle, lower than 40ms display will appear obvious "trailing" or "residual shadow" phenomenon, people have a sense of chaos. If you want the image to flow smoothly, you need to reach 60 frames per second.