Visual angle

- May 25, 2017 -

The visual angle of liquid crystal is a headache problem, when the backlight through the bias pole, liquid crystal and orientation layer, the output of the light has a directional. That is to say most of the light is from the screen perpendicular to shoot out, so from a larger angle to view the liquid crystal display, you can not see the original color, or even see all white or All black. To solve this problem, manufacturers are also developing wide-angle technology, so far there are three more popular technologies, namely: Tnpfilm, IPs (In--Plane switching) and MVA (Multi domain vertical alignment).

Tnpfilm This technology is based on the original, adding a wide range of visual angle compensation film. This layer of compensation film can increase the visual angle to about 150 degrees, is a simple and easy method, in a large number of liquid crystal display applications. But this technology does not improve the contrast and response time performance, perhaps for manufacturers, Tnpfilm is not the best solution, but it is indeed the cheapest solution, so most Taiwanese manufacturers use this method to build 15-inch LCD.

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