- May 25, 2017 -

ADSDS (Advanced Super Dimension Switch) advanced hyper-dimensional field conversion technology (hard screen), strictly belongs to the IPs camp, is the traditional IPS panel technology improvements. However, unlike IPs, the ADSDS panel uses Ito transparent electrodes instead of the traditional metal electrodes, increases the opening rate and transmittance, and aligns with the liquid crystal molecule arrangement similar to the IPS panel, which can enhance the color expressiveness of the LCD panel. Adsds mainly by the Chinese LCD panel supplier main Push, mainly used in the own brand LCD TV.

In addition, some other manufacturers also have their own LCD panel technology, for example, NEC Extraview Technology, Panasonic OCB Technology, modern FFS technology, etc., these technologies are the old TFT panel improvements, providing a visual angle and response time, usually only used in the own brand of liquid crystal display or LCD TV. In fact, these panels are TFT-type panel, but a variety of panels have their own technology and name, so the name of the TFT is not often used.