Bad Point

- May 25, 2017 -

Before introducing the level of the LCD panel, the author first introduces the specific concepts of "bad points" on the LCD panel, so that they can be used as a basis to differentiate the level of the LCD panel. The LCD panel is made up of a large number of pixel points, all of which can display black and white and red, yellow and blue primaries. By combining the pixel points that display different colors, we can see the image displayed by the LCD panel. However, a few pixel points on the LCD panel will not produce color changes, regardless of what image the LCD screen displays, these pixel points will always show the same color. These faulty pixel points cannot be repaired and can only be resolved by replacing the entire LCD panel. And these fault pixels are usually divided into two categories, where "dark point" is no matter how the screen display image can not be displayed in the "black spots", and more annoying is the kind of as long as the boot has been glowing "bright spot."

The development of liquid crystal display technology to 2013, still can not fundamentally overcome this flaw. Because the LCD panel is made up of two pieces of glass, the middle interlayer is a crystalline droplet of about 5 microns thick. These crystalline droplets are evenly separated and contained in small cells, each three of which form a pixel on the screen. The pixel point is square in the magnifying glass, and a pixel point is a luminous point. Each light point has a separate transistor to control its current strength, if the control of the point of the transistor is broken, it will cause the light point will always be lit or not bright. This is the highlight or dark point mentioned above, collectively known as the "Bad point"!