CPA Panel

- May 25, 2017 -

CPA (Continuous Pinwheel Alignment, continuous fireworks arrangement) mode wide angle of view technology (soft screen), the CPA mode wide angle of view technology is strictly a member of the VA camp, each liquid crystal molecule toward the central electrode of radiation-like arrangement. Since the electric field on the pixel electrode is continuously changing, this wide-angle mode is called the "continuous firework arrangement" pattern. And the CPA by "the Father of liquid crystal" sharp main push, here need to note that Sharp has always been the propaganda of the ASV is not referring to a specific wide-angle technology, it used the Tnpfilm, VA, CPA wide-angle technology products collectively referred to as the ASV. In fact, only the CPA model is Sharp's own pilot wide-angle technology, the model of products and MVA and pva basically equal. In other words, sharp brand LCD TV is not necessarily the use of Sharp's own production of the CPA mode LCD panel, it is possible to use the Taiwanese manufacturers of the VA mode panel or other manufacturers of LCD panels. Sharp's CPA panel color restore True, visual angle excellent, image exquisite, price is more expensive, and sharp rarely sell the CPA panel to other manufacturers.

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