IPS Panel

- May 25, 2017 -

IPs (In-Plane Switching, planar conversion) technology is Hitachi in 2001 launched the LCD panel technology, commonly known as "super TFT." The IPs camp, led by Hitachi, gathered a number of manufacturers, such as Lg Philips, Han Yu color crystal, Idtech (Chimei Electronics and Japan's IBM joint venture), but the market can see the model is not a lot. The biggest feature of the IPS panel is that its poles are all on the same a surfaces, and unlike other LCD modes, the electrodes are arranged on both sides. Because the electrode on the same plane, regardless of the state of the liquid crystal molecules are always parallel to the screen, will reduce the opening rate, reduce transmittance, so IPs application in LCD TV will need more backlight. In addition, there is an improved type of S-ips panel that belongs to IPs

The advantage of IPS panel is the visual angle is high, the response speed is fast, the color restores is accurate, the price is cheap. However, the disadvantage is that the light problem is more serious, black purity is not enough, to be slightly worse than PVA, so it is necessary to rely on the compensation of optical film to achieve better black. The IPS panel is mainly produced by Lg Philips. Compared with other types of panels, the IPS panel screen is more "hard", with the hand gently uniform not easy to appear water patterns deformation, so there is a hard screen. When you look at the screen carefully, if you see the scaly pixel of the fish in the direction of the left, plus the hard screen, then you can be sure that the IPS panel.