LCD Panel

- May 25, 2017 -

LCD panel can largely determine the brightness, contrast, color, visual angle of the LCD, the rapid development of the LCD panel is very close to the LCD part of the liquid crystal display, its output, advantages and disadvantages as well as market environment and other factors are related to the LCD's own quality, price and market trend, because a liquid crystal display its cost of around 80% is concentrated in the panel.

LCD panel price trends directly affect the price of liquid crystal displays, and LCD panel quality, technology is also related to the overall performance of liquid crystal display. In addition to the LCD panel has an indispensable technology is whether the LCD panel can achieve true color display 16.7M color, because from the color point of view, LCD display contains the concept of True color display, which means that in the R. G.B (Red Green and blue) three of color channels have a physical display of 256 levels of gray scale ability. LCD display is not all LCD panel products can have physical display of true color, if you have the ability to display 16777216 colors in the physical, that is, we are talking about the 16.7M color, so that each color channel can display 256 (2 8 times the $number) grade gray, so 16.7M color to 8bit panel. Conversely, if the color reduction ability of LCD panel with 16.2M color is relatively weak, it is realized by hardware jitter. Although it can also reach 16.7M color, but after all, through some technical links to achieve, the color is not true, so each channel can only show 64 (2 6 times Bioni 64) level gray, so only for the 6bit panel, which is pseudo-true color panel. The two panels compared to the 6bit panel display only 262144 colors (64 X 64), while the 8bit panel can display 16777216 colors (256 X 256), in physical terms, the 6bit panel can display less color than the 8bit panel 2%.

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