LCD Panel Type Introduction

- May 25, 2017 -

A liquid crystal display is good or bad first to look at its panel, because the quality of the panel directly affect the viewing effect of the screen, and LCD TV panel accounted for more than half the cost of the whole machine, is the main factor affecting the cost of LCD TV, so to choose a good LCD display, first of all to choose its panel. LCD panel can largely determine the brightness, contrast, color, visual angle and other important parameters of the LCD display. The rapid development of LCD panel, from the previous three generations, rapidly developed to four generations, five dynasties, and then skipped six generations to reach seven generations, and the newer eighth-generation panel is also in the planning. Production of LCD panel manufacturers mainly for Samsung, Lg-Philips, IVT, friends, etc., due to the differences in the technical level, the production of LCD panels are roughly divided into different types of machine. Common with the TN panel, MVA and PVA, such as the VA Panel, IPS panel and the CPA panel.

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