- May 25, 2017 -

LCD panel According to the quality can be divided into a, B, c three grades, the level of distinction is based on the number of bad points. However, there are no relevant rules and regulations in the world, so the level standards of different countries are different. In general, the number of bad points in the LCD panel is a level of 5, the number of bad points more than 5 and less than 10 is a B-class, the number of bad points in more than 10 is the C-level Panel. In principle A-level panel is most suitable for the production of display, but the LCD panel production of the B-level panel is inevitable, so this type of B-level panel will also be most of the display manufacturers. and the C-level panel is completely unsuitable for the production of the display, mostly cut into a small area of the LCD panel used in other fields. But there are very few LCD manufacturers will adopt the C-Level panel, two or three years ago, the low price of low-quality liquid crystal display to disrupt the market turmoil.

Of course, in addition to the number of bad points, B-and C-level panels in other aspects of performance can not be compared with a-level panel. Compared with a-level panel, the brightness of B-class and C-level panel is relatively uneven, the color saturation is relatively low, the image color reduction ability is poor, and the appearance may even be damaged. In addition to the use of professional equipment to determine the level of LCD panel, consumers can also use the naked eye for intuitive identification. It is best to compare the known level a panel with the B-level and C-level panels. In addition, the panel manufacturers will be divided into a-level Panel +, A +, a these three steps, the best quality of the LCD panel is suitable for the display of higher quality requirements of consumers. In general, the number of dark points of a-level panel is less than 3, the number of bright spots is also less than 3, and the total of the highlights and bad points are less than 5; A +-level Panel has fewer than 3 dark dots, and the entire screen has no bright spots, and the number of bad points is less than 3; The + Level Panel has neither a bright spot nor a dark point, and the number of bad points is 0. A few LCD manufacturers claim that their display products do not have a bright spot, and its liquid crystal display is a +-level panel.