TN Panel

- May 25, 2017 -

TN, known as the Twisted nematic (Twisted to column) panel, makes TN the most widely used entry-level LCD panel for low production costs, and is widely available in mainstream, low-end LCD displays in the market. The TN panels we see are mostly modified Tnpfilm Film, or compensatory membranes, to make up for the lack of the visual angle of the TN panel, the improved TN panel's visual angle is up to 160 °, of course, this is the manufacturer's limit value measured under the contrast of 10:1, in fact, the image has already appeared distorted or even partial color when the contrast is dropped to 100:1.

As a 6Bit panel, the TN panel can only show red/green/Blue 64 colors, the maximum actual color is only 262144, through "jitter" technology can make it more than 16 million colors of the performance, only can display 0 to 252 gray-scale three primary colors, so the final color display information is 16.2 m color, Instead of what we usually call true color 16.7M color; With the difficulty of increasing the contrast of TN panel, the problem of direct exposure is that the color is thin, the reduction ability is poor, the transition is not natural.