VA Class Panel

- May 25, 2017 -

The VA panel is a panel type with more high-end LCD applications and belongs to a wide viewing panel. Compared with the TN panel, the 8bit panel can provide 16.7M color and large visual angle for the high end of the class panel positioning, but the price is also more expensive relative to the TN panel. The VA panel can also be divided into the MVA panel led by Fujitsu and the PVA panel developed by Samsung, which is the successor and improvement of the former. VA panel of the Front (face) the highest contrast, but the screen uniformity is not good, often occurs color drift. Sharp text is its killer, black and white contrast is quite high.

Fujitsu's MVA technology (Multi domain vertical alignment, multi-quadrant vertical matching technology) can be said to be the earliest appearance of the wide angle LCD panel technology. This type of panel can provide a larger visual angle, usually up to 170 °. Through the technical authorization, our country Taiwan Province the Chimei electronic (odd crystal photoelectricity), the friend Tatsu photoelectric and so on panel Enterprise All adopted this Panel technology. The improved P-Mva class panel can reach a level of close to 178 °, and the gray-scale response time can reach below 8ms.

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